The Book Tour: Scone by Scone.  It all started at the beach, Pismo Beach.


We spent our traditional post-season break there, wandering the beach, convincing ourselves the daily sticky buns less than half a block away were health food, finishing books, throwing sticks for Canelo and trying to imagine what our life was going to be now that our responsibilities as innkeepers had been reduced by half.

Lurking in the closet of both our souls was the fact that my book had just been rejected again, by an agent who’d given me hope (maybe without realizing it).

The morning after the fatal email, we sat down to our breakfast of buns and both said nearly at the same time, “I have a great idea.”  David burst out first — “I think we should publish the book ourselves!”  I threw my hands up in the air like a cheerleader. “So do I!”  

Deedie Runkel, author, Scone by Scone
Deedie Runkel, author, Scone by Scone

The thought of not being dependent on someone else to decide appealed to both of us.

“I’m too old to wait much longer,” I said.

“No, you’re not. We just have too many other things to do than wait for the book to be published,” David said back.  

That decision duly deliberated — our due diligence has always been swift — we then got busy figuring out how we were going to promote this treasure. By lunchtime, the Book Tour had come into focus. Isn’t that how they do it in the real publishing world?  

In June, we will embark on a cross-country odyssey that will take us nearly everywhere we know someone. The Christmas card list. Guests. Relatives. Kissing cousins. Quakers. Classmates. Peace Corps volunteers. Innkeepers. If we haven’t already been in touch with you and you’re willing to convince your local independent bookstore that Scone by Scone…Tales from an Innkeeper’s Life would be a great book to host a reading by the author, please be in touch ( We’ll be on the road for almost five months.

We haven’t figured how many miles are involved yet, but we know there are a lot of hearts.

Deedie Runkel will talk about Scone by Scone book tour at The Fortnightly Club

The Book Tour: Scone by Scone

The Book Tour: Scone by Scone