Scone by Scone Peace Corp Dead Flowers Proclamation

Executive Orders were definitely part of the management and leadership techniques I used as an innkeeper. Sometimes they were effective. Or they failed miserably.*

The most successful Executive Order I’ve ever known of was President John Kennedy’s on March 1st 1961. Less than three months after his inauguration, he ordered that the Peace Corps be created. Since that day 55 years ago, more than 230,000 Americans have served in more than 100 countries.  Alas, I never fulfilled my dream of being a Peace Corps volunteer (another story altogether), but I was on the staff for eight years. Those who know me are rolling their eyes now, because one only has to be around me for mere few nanoseconds before I declare myself a Peace Corps groupie — actually, I usually admit to being a mercenary who is indebted to every taxpayer for having provided me a handsome paycheck.

So, of course former Peace Corps volunteers, staff and their parents all get discounts when they visit Anne Hathaway’s. It’s probably the least quirky item on our long list of Discounts, which includes left-handers and anyone born in 1941. Check our website at

Peace Corps is a coterie unlike any other. We know strangers as friends before we even meet them. 

My friend of nearly 50 years, Jody Olsen, is the person who made sure I got to work at Peace Corps. Starting as volunteer in Tunisia in the Sixties, she has gone on to have progressively responsible positions for years. President Trump has nominated her to be the Director of Peace Corps and she will appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Tuesday Feb. 27. If all goes right, on Peace Corps Day 2018, she will be sworn in.

Jody has been a guest here several times, as have countless other members of the Peace Corps. On March 1, I’ll be particularly proud to say I served, if only as a mercenary.

In Scone by Scone…Tales from and Innkeeper’s Life, you’ll read about discovering my host on my first trip to a remote African village at Anne Hathaway’s breakfast table, twenty years later. Joyce is still doing amazing things, as are most former volunteers.

* This particular Executive Order was highly ineffective. Dead flowers continued to greet arriving guests more often than I would have hoped. I even gave a mini workshop in recognizing dead flowers. Ultimately, we discontinued the practice.