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My day begins at the Y. Treadmill. Lots of stretching and mat work. A few weights. I do it with my ears plugged into whatever book I’m listening to. It’s David Sedaris’ diaries this week.

Imagine my surprise when I moved from one room to the next yesterday and people said things like: “Congratulations!” “I never knew you were a writer.” “You’re very photogenic.” “Wait til you get to Rotary today!”

I bought a paper on my way home to find out what all the buzz was.

I got to Rotary a tad late. The Sergeant-at-arms had already gone off duty, so I didn’t have to answer the question, “Anything for the Sergeant today?”

Front Page for Scone by Scone AshlandTidingsCover
Front Page for Scone by Scone – Ashland Tidings

Rotary has a ritualistic agenda that includes a song, a reflection, the Pledge of Allegiance, Announcements and then — the Sergeant. A fellow Rotarian performs this job, which is both a community-builder and a fundraiser. We hear how Don celebrated his 81st birthday, Greg’s daughter’s trip to Ecuador, Dave’s cataract surgery and a handful of others willing to offer up dollars for the event and individual distinction. Jerry Taylor, overwhelmed with gratitude for the club’s current activity of giving every first grader in the city a hardcover book of their own choice, gave $1,000 on the spur of the moment.

Hmmm. My tardiness had saved my checkbook from being tapped. The front-page story about Scone by Scone and its author that appeared in the Daily Tidings today had apparently escaped the Sergeant’s notice. And since he wasn’t at the door when I finally arrived, I didn’t have to confess to him why I should be fined (or he should read the newspaper).

Front page coverage is definitely worthy of a fine in Rotary-dom. Twenty dollars is the usual, and I was prepared. But I’d decided that $14.95, the price of one book, would be perfectly sufficient and a nice subtle way of reminding folks how reasonably priced the book was.

Because most of you don’t happen to live in Ashland, Oregon or subscribe to the Daily Tidings, the story runs below. And think of me next week when I surrender my $14.95.

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Front Page for Scone by Scone

Front Page for Scone by Scone