Day Two of the Scone by Scone Book Tour

Day 2, June 16, 2018

The sun rose early in our east facing room on the ranch in Drewsey, Oregon, cutting short the night.  Birds bursting with song greeted the daylight along with some strange wild animal noises just at dawn. 

Breakfast had been arranged in the fridge before we arrived — melon, green grapes, hard-cooked eggs, iced cinnamon buns, along with miniature boxes of cereal on the counter next to the coffee pot and almost empty two-pound container of Folger’s coffee.  Deedie skipped the eggs, of course, as she has for nearly 77 years.

We packed up and drove out. A few head of cattle looked up as we drove by, but otherwise our we had neither seen nor been seen by anyone during our stay at the Blue Bucket.  Maybe next time, if there is such a thing. Left behind was a card about Scone by Scone, and a plug for staying at Anne Hathaway’s in Ashland.

Incredibly enough, another 100 miles or more of Oregon showed on the map.  As we traveled east, sage brush and mountains gave way to endless flat fields of onions and sugar beets, several thousand feet below where we’d been.

Now, Idaho. Downtown Boise was crowded with white people of all ages, sizes and shapes –- carrying the rainbow flags and pom-poms of Pride.  We missed the parade and the rally on the Capitol grounds, but got caught in the traffic.  People were joyful.

Off we went toward Hailey, Idaho, where Deedie has a reading Tuesday, arranged by her cousin Alex, who grew up in New York City, but has been living in the Sun Valley for many years.  We hoped to find the hot springs we stopped at 35 years ago, our last visit. These are springs that come out of a hillside into pools, a few feet away from a fast-flowing COLD stream.  When we were younger it was a great experience for easterners.  Sitting in the pools until we were too hot for our own good, jumping into the stream and floating a 100-yards down the rushing water.  We remember it fondly, but alas new highways have been built since the early 80s, and we missed the back road route that we had taken before.

Late afternoon brought us to the Inn at the Ellsworth Estate, so many steps above the Blue Bucket than possible to count – maybe 5 stars vs -5 stars.  We checked in with Thomas, the manager, rested and contacted Alex who dealt with the surprise of our arriving a day early well.  In addition to managing Deedie’s appearance here, Alex is working on next month’s Sun Valley Writer’s Conference, an invitational event that will take place while we’re in the Midwest.