Days 28, 29 and 30    WLBT

July 13, 14 and 15

by David Runkel

Signed copies of Scone by Scone are now available at Bookworm, a large, wonderful book store on 90th street in Omaha, NB.  The store asked for copies after not being able to fit a reading into its busy schedule. 

The Tour dropped the books off in late afternoon following a short trip up from Kansas City.  Efforts to take back roads were stymied by Siri, who only knows about interstate highways.  Our atlas failed, or our reading of our atlas failed, to get us in the right direction.  A new more detailed atlas was acquired at Bookworm that will be of great assistance as we move into more crowded parts of the country. We have also changed our Directions app to Google Maps.  

Day Twenty-Nine of the Scone by Scone Book Tour
Deedie at Bookworm for book signing

These are the types of course corrections necessary to keep a long  tour and marriage intact.

The drive followed an extra day in Kansas City which Dr. Carlisle recommended after giving Deedie a cortisone shot for her sore shoulder.  Most of the day was spent at the Nelson-Atkins Art Gallery in Kansas City, and walking around the magnificent sculpture garden in 90-degree heat (it felt more like 110).  But, the giant, iconic shuttlecocks by Claes Oldenburg and his wife Coosje van Bruggen needed to be inspected personally, along with the large number of Henry Moores.  The thought of having to serve one of those 19-foot shuttlecocks on a badmitton court made Deedie’s shoulder hurt,

After a rest back at the Swansons, we drove downtown looking for some jazz and food.  We drove by the Jazz Museum, which is next to the Negro Baseball Hall of Fame, several times, but we clearly were too early for music.

The Bayou Club beckoned, but we ultimately admitted we were nervous about leaving our packed car on a back street. What would we do if the books were stolen?

Nothing else to do, nor a terrific dining place, popped up in our extensive drive about.  Our attempt to reach Kansas City’s Joe’s, a famous BBQ place, failed when Siri led us to an apartment complex in a remote area.  We ended up back in town at a Jack Stack restaurant practically on the railroad tracks.  It was a late night, but again the food was terrific and Deedie was thrilled with all the real, authentic trains in the background.

We are spending some time with Zoe Shall and her husband Beau in Council Bluffs, Iowa before heading further east to Iowa City, where Deedie has a reading scheduled mid-week at Prairie Lights and we’ll be spending some time with Deba and Jim Leach, our last bosses before we entered the ranks of innkeepers.