Oh, those Runkels. We can hear you saying it!


Last year it was the World’s Longest Book Tour (WLBT) promoting Scone by Scone.

Well, if you actually read the book (and it’s still available from our website), you may recall that the final chapter had us calling for a sunset on our career as innkeepers. Yup, after now seventeen years, we have in fact made it a fact that we are done with inn keeping as a career choice.

Deedie Runkel will talk about Scone by Scone book tour at The Fortnightly Club
Deedie and David sharing scones with Canello

But, you wonder, what’s become of the inn? We thought you were living there.  The truth is, we were living there. But in the meantime, many of our former guests were booking the whole house, no amenities from June to October. So we left without a trace a minute or so before those guests checked in.  Our peripatetic skills meanwhile shifted into high gear and off we went to Seal Rock, Oregon for the month. Then we indulged our daughter (or maybe it was vice versa?) and house sat for some of July for her in Grants Pass, Oregon. There was gardening and watering and David’s favorite cigars involved here. Then we visited the Neffs in Kingston, Washington.

For the last few days, we’ve been back in our own bed because the inn wasn’t rented and it’s given us ample time to launch our newest career.

As of August 2nd, we will become international house-sitters under the aegis of Trusted Housesitters.com. For the month of August, we’ll be in Wokingham, England taking good care of Emmy, a golden retriever who became three-legged a few years ago in a mishap with a car. There will also be some chickens to care for. And a five-bedroom house. And a Citroen 936 to drive about, hopefully on the right side of the road. Thankfully, we’ll be insured. And Emmy will point us in the right direction.

Deedie Runkel, author, Scone by Scone
Deedie Runkel, author, Scone by Scone

Deedie majored in English at Penn State, where she met her husband when they both wrote for The Daily Collegian. Just recently, she earned her Master’s degree in Fine Arts in writing from UC/Riverside.  Her first book, an autobiography titled “Boxes: Lifting the Lid on an American Life” was published in 2010. Her opinion pieces and articles have appeared in The Philadelphia Bulletin, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Friends Journal, and other publications.

She’s the mother of three and grandmother of two grand-girls.

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scone by scone

scone by scone