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The Scone by Scone Story

After a lifetime on the East Coast of building communities, Donnan Beeson (Deedie) Runkel moved West with her husband David in 2002 to take over a struggling bed and breakfast that caters to theater lovers attending the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.  As a dear friend said, she went from public service to serving the public. 

Over many years spent in Baltimore, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, and Washington, Deedie opened a camp for inner-city kids including her own, employed Saul Alinsky tactics to improve lives in an increasing racially segregated city, promoted public libraries and legal aid for older people, and worked to reduce world conflict through the US Peace Corps and the anti-nuclear war organization Peace Links.

Woven throughout these varied endeavors was Deedie’s gift for story-telling and writing. She comes from a family of readers and activists whose American roots go back to Quakers who settled in Philadelphia at the time of William Penn.  Her father was both a local politician and the author of an unpublished book on the Molly McGuires, 19th-Century women activists who fought for better conditions for Pennsylvania coal miners.

Deedie and David Runkel

Deedie majored in English at Penn State, where she met her husband when they both wrote for The Daily Collegian. Just recently, she earned her Master’s degree in Fine Arts in writing from UC/Riverside.  Her first book, an autobiography titled “Boxes: Lifting the Lid on an American Life” was published in 2010. Her opinion pieces and articles have appeared in The Philadelphia Bulletin, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Friends Journal, and other publications.

She’s the mother of three and grandmother of two grandgirls.

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